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Create a better product, for a better price

Creating a great product design is not enough. Your design also needs to be engineered for mass production. And that’s where we come in: we optimize your design for manufacturing in China.

Translation of your design into production drawings

When we design a product, or work with a designer, we keep the production process in mind from the beginning. We also advise you on material selection to save costs, time and create a better product.

We both re-engineer products in-house and work together with specialized design partners to create new products from scratch.

Prototyping and testing your product

Prototyping your product is crucial to validate your design on form and functionality. We offer several prototyping options to test your product before commencing mass production.

Our prototyping options include 3d-printing, conventional CNC prototyping, foam modelling, reverse engineering, vacuum molding and rapid tooling (i.e. producing a small quantity for testing).

Our engineers conduct reliability testing and we work together with local regulatory institutions to ensure compliance (UL, CE & VDE) from the beginning.

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