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In-house assembly

Maintain a high level of quality and protection

Control your quality and IPR with our 100% self-owned assembly facilities. Our assembly space is located near Shanghai and covers over 2,500 m2.

Quality control and inspection of all products

We use our own testing equipment to control the quality of incoming, in line and final products. Moreover, our quality controllers are always there to ensure we meet your quality requirements.

We keep your intellectual property rights safe

We only work with trusted suppliers and assemble the final product in our own secured assembly space. That way not one party has complete knowledge of the final product.

If your product possesses advanced technologies, you can also consider outsourcing basic component manufacturing to China and importing your advanced components.

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Case Study:

Aldebaran: NAO Humanoid Robot

Nao is an autonomous, programmable, medium-sized humanoid Robot.

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