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Manufacturing to the highest standards

For both large and small quantities

Enjoy low-quantity, high-mix manufacturing options in China. Because of our strong ties with suppliers, we can offer flexible manufacturing options for both small and large quantities.

Quality control at its best

Over the past 18 years we have built up a strong base of trusted suppliers. Our suppliers understand European quality requirements and have worked with us on various projects over many years.

We also have a skilful quality control team to audit first and second-tier suppliers. That way we guarantee quality throughout the supply chain. That, in combination with our 100% self-owned assembly facilities, ensures a high quality end product.

A wide variety of manufacturing options

We provide a variety of high quality surface treatments and precise manufacturing options including:

Metal processes such as extrusion, die casting, gravity casting, investment casting, sand casting, machining, metal sheet processing such as bending and stamping;

Plastic processes such as injection molding, blow molding, rotation molding, vacuum and thermo forming, overmolding, ultrasonic welding and various high precision machining processes.

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