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We safeguard your quality and IPR

Many companies that manufacture in China are concerned about two things: maintaining their level of quality and protecting their intellectual property rights. And for good reason.

That’s why we built a skilful quality-control team, have 100% self-owned assembly facilities and focus on minimizing potential IPR risks in any way possible. Read on to learn more.

Maintaining a high level of quality

It’s one thing to produce large quantities, but quite another to reach a high level of quality. Through our work with industry-leaders in Europe we have earned a reputation of manufacturing high-quality and consistent products and parts.

Our self-owned assembly facilities play a key role in that: we have 100% control over the assembly process and quality at every stage.

All our suppliers are continuously audited to ensure their management and work processes are in line with our (and your) requirements. We are also ISO9001:2008 certified.

Protecting your Intellectual Property Rights

Unlike a few years ago, it has become much easier to successfully protect your IPR in China. There are also multiple measures you can take to prevent infringement.

For instance, we only work with trusted suppliers and assemble the final product in our own secured assembly space. That way not one party has complete knowledge of the final product.If your product possesses advanced technologies, you can also consider outsourcing basic component manufacturing to China and importing your advanced components.

Let’s create a better product together.

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